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Contemporary Art Library

With 65,640 documents in all (including 51,396 books) and a range of periodicals, Beaux-Arts de Paris library is one of the top French contemporary art libraries. It offers up-to-date documentation on creativity and its context - history of Western and non-Western art, human and social sciences - in order to support students in their learning and artistic projects.  It is also open to a wider public, upon request. The heart of the collection consists of monographs from the 1960s to the present and more than 500 specialised journals, the primary source for information on young creative activity, current debates and exhibitions. The library also offers entries organised by disciplinary, chronological or geographical field and a remarkable set of collective exhibition catalogues.

The collection is fully referenced in a computerised catalogue that can be consulted on-site or remotely, from the library portal (

This portal also gives access to numerous electronic resources through the PSL Explore and the Specialised Art and Design Resource (B SAD - Base Spécialisée Art et Design) platforms that can be consulted at the library and remotely (password request required). The B SAD is a joint project with contributions from all art school libraries. Founded on the principle of open access to collections, the library provides students with two spaces.


Salle Stratis Andreadis

(where most of the book collections can be accessed)

Open access:

artist monographs from the 20th and 21st centuries, recent catalogues from collectives, Western art history and human sciences collections, “classical” fine art document collections ;

on display: Beaux Arts de Paris teaching and examination panel documentation, class bibliographies, documentation on current trends, new titles (latest acquisitions, latest journal issues).

Certain documents are available on request.


Salle Dorette Karaiossifoglou

Mainly devoted to periodicals, the audiovisual collection and to “themes in art” as well as to pre-20th century artist monographs.

Open access: periodicals (specialised contemporary art journals, cinema, humanities, etc.), the video collection which can be consulted on-site, as well as the DVD collection available on loan, the collection of works focusing on the audiovisual sector (cinema, video), literature and pre-20th century artist monographs.

On request: recordings of cultural programming lectures since 1982 and a VHS collection. The library coordinates the photography of graduation diplomas and carries out the processing, archiving and distribution of these photos of diplomas (photo library made up of diploma photos since 2001, accessible on-site through the library catalogue. Some 4th year student research papers are listed in the catalogue and can be consulted as open access documents in the Stratis Andreadis Room, along with the diploma dissertations of graduate artists on the AIMS (artiste intervenant en milieu scolaire) school programme.


During the confinement, the library welcomes students by appointment.

During the confinement until at least December 1st, 2020, the Contemporary Art Library will welcome students for on-site consultation, return and borrowing of documents from Monday to Friday from 2pm to 5pm by appointment only.

Terms and conditions

Appointments must be made by e-mail before Wednesday for the following week, specifying the desired day (maximum 2 days per week) to:
You will specify your surname, first name, year of study.
In return, we will communicate a date to access the library.

Practical information

  • Throughout your time in the school, you must respect the protocol established by the School.
  • Present yourself at the library wearing a mask, respecting the rules of distance and the system set up by the librarians.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel and wipes for disinfecting equipment (computer, photocopier) are available at various points in the library.
  • The loan is extended to 4 documents for 15 days per person.
  • The maximum number of readers is 12.
  • As the lockers are temporarily inaccessible, you will exceptionally be allowed to keep your bag and personal belongings in the reading room.
  • You are invited to use your battery-powered computer as not all of you will be able to access an electrical outlet due to the distance rules.
  • In the Multimedia room, two video consultation stations are available, please bring your own headphones.


Thank you for your attention and understanding
The Contemporary Art Library team