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Professional fields

The Programme

At the start of the 2019 academic year, Beaux-Arts de Paris added an ‘Artists & Exhibition-related Careers’ programme to the curriculum. Around 15 third and fourth-year students are trained in exhibition management, scenography, mediation and all the careers relating to the presentation and dissemination of art. The programme serves as a natural extension to artistic practices and the process of taking art from studio to exhibition space.

The programme is taught by professionals who pass on their know-how and experience. They work with the students to organise Beaux-Arts de Paris exhibitions. In an exhibition context and in direct relationship to works of art, the students take part in various exhibition-creation, curatorial and mediation projects alongside these professionals.

In partnership with the Palais de Tokyo, the ENSA-Malaquais and the École du Louvre.


The Residency

As part of the ‘Artists & Exhibition-related Careers’ programme, a residency has been set up for four to six curators, giving them the opportunity to work as part of Beaux-Arts de Paris for a year. The objective of the residency is to train young curators through regular, hands-on exhibition projects alongside other students in the programme and all the students at the school, as well as the professional Beaux-Arts de Paris exhibition teams.

Both resident curators and programme students will have the opportunity of working directly on Beaux-Arts de Paris exhibitions in collaboration with other school departments: studio exhibitions, studio open days, exhibitions of work by students graduating with commendations, prize exhibitions, etc. In addition, the Palais des Beaux-Arts exhibition rooms on the Quai Malaquais are given over to the Théâtre des Expositions for several months a year: an open, heterogeneous space in which various curatorial projects coexist and succeed each other every two to three weeks.