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The knowledge that you develop in your companies, your solidarity or image issues, your concern for future generations, rhymes with our responsibility to develop a School that has the assets to become, once again, a world reference. At this time, when a profound change is needed, the projects we want to associate you with are projects of excellence that will animate this venerable school and equip young people who have chosen culture, deep life, creation, and the indispensable baggage to be useful to the society that is taking shape. If you are reading this text right now, it is because you are convinced of the essential role that culture must play in our lives and you believe that Paris deserves to have the best European school again.


Jean de Loisy,

Director of the Beaux-Arts de Paris


The projects developed concern :

  • The creation of teachings that reflect the major challenges facing society.

  • Openness to advanced techniques

  • International mobility and professional integration of students,

  • Exhibitions associating heritage and creation.

  • Access for the most disadvantaged to excellence in education

  • The enrichment and dissemination of the fabulous collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Paris.

  • The support of precarious students

  • Restoration and development of the historical monument


They are accessible to all, companies, foundations, donors or individuals, who wish to support an institution with a reputation for generating artists and innovators, free spirits and originality.

We are also open to projects that you would like to support by associating our young artists, such as prizes, scholarships, residencies or commissioned works in a predefined context, and are at your disposal to invent with you the projects that resemble you and give full meaning to the word partnership.


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